das fertige Untier, 2017

a revised version of
das unfertige Tier, 2015
sculpture-installation Künstlerforum/Bonn

various measures, iron, metal putty, paint
hight of the central figure: 86cm

foto: manfred wettinger

  • Some sculptures I change again and again and give them a fundamentally different appearance. Only on the basis of a couple of features they can still be recognized as the sculptures that they had once been.

    The sculpture entitled “das unfertige Tier” has undergone a complete change over.
    For the exhibition “Umbruch" at the Künstlerforum / Bonn I turned it into “das fertige Untier”.

    I wanted to show that the present state of the sculpture would be incomplete without the fragments of its former state. The sculpture was situated in front of these fragments which were spread over the ground as evidence of its predecessor.